We Are Looking For…

Attorneys who have strong academic records and well-rounded interests, as well as a passion for law as demonstrated by participation in extracurricular activities. Attorneys at our firm are not afraid of hard work. The most successful attorneys at the firm are typically those who were eager and able to assume substantial responsibility early in their careers. We also value our culture of mutual respect and support.  We believe in teamwork and recruit lawyers who show an ability to work well with others.

If You Are Looking For…

Early Responsibility

Client Contact

Hands-On Exposure to Trials and Juries

With a firm of our size, it can be easier for associates to get noticed and not get lost in the crowd. Our busy practice also ensures that associates who are willing to step up to the challenge will be given opportunities to “run” with a project, with the backing and support of a partner and/or mentor. Our team-oriented approach values the efforts of all team members. Associates are encouraged to stretch their skills, expand their experience, and also benefit from both internal and external training programs. Our associates work directly with partners and have early opportunities to participate in client conferences and to have direct client contact. The interaction between partners and associates also ensures that a personal mentoring process takes place on a daily basis. We view learning client communication skills and case management as a fundamental part of an associate’s development. Matheny Sears Linkert & Jaime, LLP has more trial lawyers per capita than most other firms in the region. Because the majority of litigation settles, many lawyers never see the inside of a courtroom. By contrast, junior lawyers come to our firm knowing they have a high likelihood of making a court appearance early on in their careers. Our firm is small enough to give personalized service but big enough to handle larger more sophisticated cases, so the matters that do go to trial typically become interesting and memorable experiences.